Welcome to Scanwel

Scanwel was established in 1974, to provide a rapid response service to the rapidly expanding market in high vacuum fittings and fabrications.
Although the product range has continuously expanded in nearly 40 years of trading, the overriding philosophy within the company is still Customer First.

Today we manufacture and distribute components and systems to end users and o.e.m.s in academia, government laboratories and industry.
Our products find application in the production and development of advanced materials and processes in a number of high technology fields, including nanotechnology, microelectronics, storage media, energy production and bio-medical and basic materials research of metals, oxides, polymers, coatings, etc.
We provide our customers with unique tools to solve challenging scientific and analysis problems and accelerate the development of new materials, products and processes.

We specialise in producing custom fabrication and chambers, for clean and UHV applications.

Our custom systems are exactly that, conceived and designed with your full involvement using our experience and the latest CAD packages. The end result is a product that meets your requirements.

Scanwel manufacture over 5000 products. We carry an extensive stock (probably the widest range in the UK) of our own manufactured hardware, including:


Ion Pumps and Controllers
Foreline Traps and Cold Traps
Standard Vacuum Components

Heating Tapes,Jackets and Tents
Chambers, Fabrication and Baseplates
, Klein and ISO Flanges and Fitting
Angle Valves, Leak Valves and Gate Valves
Motion, Electrical, Liquid and Optical Feedthroughs



Scanwel is the exclusive distributor and support company in the UK and Ireland for the following leading companies:

Dycor Gas Analysers
Nanoscale Infrared Spectroscopy, sSNOM and Nano Thermal Analysis
Aluminum Ultrahigh Vacuum
High Quality MBE
Components & Systems
Low temperature SPM systems
Heating Tapes,
Jackets & Tents
Nanomanipulation tools for SEM, FIB and optical microscopy
Innovative Ion Beam Technology for Surface Analysis
Electron & Ion Optics
SPM Control Systems
Ambient & Liquid SPM
Surface Science
Components & Systems
Vacum feedthroughs and connectors
Vacuum sample transfer, manipulation tools and motion feedthroughs.
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